In addition to the registered PE ID, you will also have to provide your registered template ID in all your SMS traffic submissions, failing which the intended message will not be delivered to your customers/associates. This is in compliance to the TCCCP Regulations.

What is Transactional Route in DLT?

Transactional route is now dedicatedly assigned to Banking companies only, No other brand or individual can get registration for their Header and Template in Tranactional Route. Only banks will get their Header ID and Templates approved using Transactional Route. If you are a Brand/Individual check-out Service Implicit for more details. Means a template of content registered by any sender with the access provider for sending transactional message, service message for the purpose of commercial communication and contains content which may be a combination of fixed part of content and variable part of content, where fixed part of content is that part of content which is common across all commercial communications sent to different recipients for same or similar subject; variable part of content is that part of content which may vary across commercial communications sent to different recipients for same or similar subject on account of information which is very specific to the particular transaction for a particular recipient or may vary on account of reference to date, time, place or unique reference number.

SMS Content: 421962 is the OTP for txn of INR 1900.00 at XYX Mobile Solution
with your SBI Card ending 7511. OTP is valid for 5 mins only.
Pls do not share with anyone.

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User Guide To Register On DLT