In addition to the registered PE ID, you will also have to provide your registered template ID in all your SMS traffic submissions, failing which the intended message will not be delivered to your customers/associates. This is in compliance to the TCCCP Regulations.

What Is Explicit SMS Service?

Any consent that has been verified directly from the subscriber/ recipient in a robust and verifiable manner and recorded by consent registrar is known to be explicit in nature. Example: Any individual who registers his/ her cell phone number on a website to receive newsletters/ information about new products and services. This service is based on consent, Header ID should be in Other Category and Template in Service Explicit category. SMS sent to the registered customers after receiving their consent will come under the category of Service Explicit SMS. As an example, if a ICICI Bank customer has given consent to receive offers from ICICI, then these SMS will be included in the Service Explicit category.

Get Your Traffic Increased By Sending Bulk SMS To Your Consent Based Customer List.

Send offers or any other marketing related messages to consent based contact numbers in your list, Registration of the template is a pre-requisite for uploading the consents, Brand/PE/Trade/Legal Name must be captured clearly in the template, The purpose of the consent must also be mentioned explicitly in the templates.

Bulk SMS Gateway Provider For Service Explicit SMS

Integrate explicit SMS with your application or website using API, You can Integrate our higly advance API and enjoy the seemless connectivity between your app/website and customer. Highly advance web based application is available for all your digital need.

Subscriber Based SMS OR Say Explicit SMS

We will help you getting your 6 digits Sender ID approval on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) portal for all your explicit messages. Same process is followed to get your template/SMS content approval, We will provide you dedicated DLT support so that you can get your job done at ease. Let's get started with, Just ask whatever is in your mind! We are just one click away, on your left hand down corner you will get Live Chat (No Need To Share Your Details Until & Unless Your Are Satisfied Speaking With Us). If you are a Whatsapp person? there you go, On the right hand side down corner you can find Whatsapp Icon simply click on that and start a conversation and lastly you can just simply call us by clicking on Call icon.

User Guide To Register On DLT