What is DLT and why it is implimented ?

DLT stands for Distributed Ledger Technology, A Secured DLT platform to manage your commercial communication, As it is a blockchain-based Stack that empowers individuals to truly own, control and manage their Commercial Communications, enabling businesses to build trusted relationships with their consumers.

Key Objectives on how DLT is solving the Unsolicited Communication Crisis

Trustworthy EcoSystem

Built for Trust across ecosystem to safeguard users from fraudulent communication and enhance customer experience.

Protect Mobile Subscriber Privacy

Zero tolerance to data privacy and security by ensuring customer data like consent & preference

End To End Traceability

Built for Interoperability: Engineered for universal compatibility with both legacy and ledger-based blockchain protocols

Eliminate Spam

Eliminate Phishing and other fraudulent activities through comprehensive mechanism and content verification

Frequently Asked Questions

Unsolicited Communication Crisis


Commercial Communication refers to any voice call or message sent through telecommunication services, where the primary intent is to inform about or advertise or solicit business for

1. Goods or Services
2. A supplier or prospective supplier of offered goods or services
3. A business or investment opportunity
4. A provider or prospective provider of such an opportunity

Unsolicited Commercial Communication signifies any commercial communication that is neither as per the consent nor the registered preference(s) of subscriber, but shall exclude:

1) Any transactional message or voice call
3) Any service message or voice call
3) Any message transmitted on the directions of Central Government or State Government or agencies established under the Constitution, when such communication is in Public Interest
4) Any message or voice calls transmitted by or on the direction of the Authority or by an agency expressly authorized for the purpose by the Authority."

Promotional communication - Communication indicating a marketing communication, upsell or cross sell. Promotions cannot be combined with service or transaction message.

Example 1:
Buy Bulk SMS Service & Get 20% Extra SMS Free. Buy 100K & Get 20K Free, Buy 500K & Get 100K Free Ask for free demo now & share this message to avail offer. Call: 9930432351 AdServs
Example 2:
Enjoy upto 50% off on your purchase this Diwali. This festive season come and shop with us and find extra great collection, extra great choices and extra great experiences.
Contact Us: +91 9930432351 Brand Name

Service message or Service Call means a message sent to a recipient or voice call made to recipient either with his consent or using a template registered for the purpose, the primary purpose of which is to facilitate, complete, or confirm a commercial transaction that the recipient has previously consented to enter into with the sender; or to provide warranty information, product recall information, safety or security information with respect to a commercial product or service used or purchased by the recipient.

To provide:
1. Notification concerning a change in the terms or features.
2. Notification of a change in the recipient’s standing or status with respect to
3. At regular periodic intervals, account balance information or other type of account
4. Statement with respect to, a subscription, membership, account, loan, or comparable ongoing.
5. Commercial relationship involving the ongoing purchase or use by the recipient of products or services offered by the sender.
7. Information directly related to an employment relationship or related benefit plan in which the Recipient is currently involved, participating, or enrolled
8. Information relating to delivery of goods or services, including product updates or upgrades, that the recipient is entitled to receive under the terms of a transaction that the recipient has previously consented to enter into with the sender

Example 1:
Dear {Customer}, your {Bajaj Two Wheele} is due for Service on {02.10.2002}, visit {URL} or contact your nearest {XXXXXX} dealer for appointment. We look forward to serve you!.

Transactional communication means a communication triggered by a transaction performed by the Subscriber, who is also the Sender’s customer, provided such a communication is sent within thirty minutes of the transaction being performed and is directly related to it. Provided that the transaction may be a banking transaction, delivery of OTP, purchase of goods or services, etc.

Example 1:
Hello! Your A/C no. {XXXXX} has been debited by Rs. {XXXX} The A/C balance is Rs. {XXXX} on {DD/MM/YY} The A/C balance is Rs. {XXXX} Info:{TYPE}/{PURPOSE}/ Rs. of template OR REFERENCE NUMBERs
Example 2:
Thank you for using {...PRODUCT..} Card No. {XXXX} on {DD/MM/YY} for INR {XXXX} To check EMI eligibility on spends above INR {XXXX} log on {URL} T&C Apply
Example 3: {XXXXXX} is your One Time Password for online purchase, Amex card ending {XXXXX}, if not requested call the number on back of your card.{date&time}.

Yes, We as a telemarketer can access your account on your behalf.
To give access of your account to a telemarketer you need to give consent. A letter of authorization is required by operator to give entity account permission to telemarketer