In addition to the registered PE ID, you will also have to provide your registered template ID in all your SMS traffic submissions, failing which the intended message will not be delivered to your customers/associates. This is in compliance to the TCCCP Regulations.

What Is Promotional SMS?

The Promotional SMS is a service which required DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) approved Sender ID and Content Template/SMS Content. You/Brands can send promotional contents like offers, discounts or any other content that can relate/attract your existing and new client/customer. SMS are sent between 09:00Hrs to 21:00Hrs, All days. Get instant live and instant delivery report for each & every numbers you had added to your list. Refund of DND failed SMS is processed in panel automatically with refund history respectively.

Headers that can be used for sending Promotional messages fall under PROMOTIONAL type. Promotional message means commercial communication that can be sent to a mobile subscriber whose preferences are not set (not on DND).

Header Examples (6 numeric): 565690, 787878, 987123, 555555, etc. Promotional Headers should start with the number that matches with the category (as per DND Preferences).

  1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/ credit cards. For ex. 123459, 167897
  2. Real Estate. For ex. 265666, 268978
  3. Education Eg : 397134, 321456
  4. Health Ex: 467931, 444654
  5. Consumer goods and automobiles Ex: 582974, 564123
  6. Communication/Broadcasting / Entertainment/IT Ex: 631469, 693147
  7. Tourism and Leisure Ex: 789456, 714369
  8. Food and Beverages Ex: 896321, 816934
  9. Others – Category that doesn’t appear in 1-8 Ex: 012389, 098654

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AM-658758, Have you seen this Sender ID in your SMS inbox? For sure you have, Get the same 6 digits Sender ID for your business and target your customer/patron by sending them your promotional/offers content SMS in mass quantity. Messages can be sent between 10:00AM to 09:00PM. Promoting your products/services in a digital way with low investment and high rate of interest is Promotional SMS. Six digits numeric Sender ID SMS is now the only way available to send instant SMS to Non-DND numbers as it works on A2P Commercial SMS model.

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User Guide To Register On DLT