Welcome to AdServs Shoppe

We at AdServs, Providing highly user friendly web based solutions in SMS based marketing campaigns, customer service alerts and updates. Delivering 15m+ SMS per month with over thousand of customers onboard since 2018. We as a telemarketer provides À la carte options to you so that you can build enormous customer base with our power pack marketing solutions.

Bulk Short Message Services: Promotional SMS, Explicit SMS, Implicit/Inferred SMS with API. OTP SMS for now a days ecommerce /mobile applications. SIM Based SMS with 10 digits virtual number. Transactional SMS for banking sectors.

Telephony Services

Bulk Voice Calls Broadcasting: Pre-recorded promotiona/information voice broadcasting. Transactional API voice calls. Extensions for data filtration.

Missed Call Alert: 10 digits mobile number or a toll-free number on which customers can give a miss call. This will help you in generating segregatted leads and enable you to get direct engagement with interested customers. Also you can use SMS API to send them a confirmation message.

Add-On Services

Email Marketing: Send emails via [email protected] and engage your customers by sending them a custom html template or you can build your own html template by using html builder in panel.

Website Development: We develop custom UI as per your need, Build your very own website and go live and engage new customers online.

  • Static website with HTML, CSS & javaScript Technology.
  • Dynamic website with Core Languages like Python, PHP and etc.
  • Wordpress websites.